For inspiration, we turned to a fairy tale story about a magic mirror, known in many countries of the world. We all know the tales of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. But few people know that other cultures also had similar stories - Scottish folk tale "The Golden Tree and the Silver Tree", written by Joseph Jacobs, tells of the king's wife, to whom a trout in a stream tells that her daughter is more beautiful than she. The Italian folk tale "Bella Venezia", ​​recorded by Italo Calvino, tells the story of the mother, the owner of the hotel, who asks the guests if there is anyone more beautiful than her. In Africa, Mongolia, Greece and Armenia, similar stories are also found.


We took the Russian version of "The Tale of the Dead Princess" and presented how two most beautiful young women compete for the status of "herself" in the hearts of men. Both of them are ambitious, not devoid of charisma and deserve to remain for centuries as the most spectacular women of all time. After all, both of them get married in the process of the fairy tale and find their love.



Ph: Natasha Yankelevich 
Video: Rustam Kurbanov 
Style: Elena Tash 
Md: Alla Gutnikova, Manana Totibadze 
Muah: Natalia Chernusskaya 
Headdress: Juhann Nikadimus, Elena Tash 
Outfit: Anastasia Leonevskaya, Мастерская Proshloe.Stuff 

Pp: Sergey Shmakov 



• 2016 "Cube 4000" Lunatic Festival, Lüneburg

• 2014 POP-UP-Exhibition "Farbrausch trifft RAL 4010", Love Your Plastic / Modification logos, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

• 2013 "Local Letters" kulturreich Galerie and part of the Reeperbahn Festival, government-funded, Hamburg