The project was the result of Natasha Chernusskaya's diploma work on SFX (plastic make-up). We wanted to create a fictional character from alternate universe, a bipedal humanoid race that looks a lot like an Earth woman. Her distinctive features include blue skin, multiple eyes, and atavistic horns inherited from her reptilian ancestors.


Representatives of the race have 5 eyes — one part is sleeping and the other is awake, which makes them an ideal guardian and observer. The world community often asks representatives of the race to take part in disputes as judges — they are honest and fair. In situations important for life, a representative of the race can awaken all eyes — then the one who looks into them will not be able to say anything but the truth.



Ph: Natasha Yankelevich
Muah & Sfx: Natalia Chernusskaya
Sfx tutoring: Sfx-Kitchen School
Style: Elena Tash 
Md: Mary Pirozhok

Pp: Sergey Shmakov @sergeyshmakov_ru









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