This series is inspired by relationships between Secret Agents as we know them by movies. Mulder and Scully, Agent Cooper, and Diane, Mr. and Mrs. Smith represent fair justice even when law turns against themselves. We are thrilled by their cold mind, worldly wisdom, and desperate courage in order to help people.


Being fearless, strictly focused, and not allowed to trust anyone, Agents reveal extreme sensitivity towards their partners. And couple relationships develop as the war lasts. Every day may become the last one, and every minute of their life is a “moment before” a shot, or an important decision or a kiss. 


Ph: Natasha Yankelevich 
Md: Olga Dryzhina Bryuzgin 
agency Modus Vivendis
Style: Vasilisa Gamaleya-Gusarova 

Style Assist & Set-design: Ksenia Tarabarova

Muah: Maria Khrenikhina 
Clothes: Brunello Cucinelli, Strogo Vintage, L’appartement, House Of Leo 
Pp: Sergey Shmakov