The shooting images are inspired by the classic Japanese anime character Maho-shoujo, the "magical girl." The main character traits first appeared in Japanese cartoons of the 60s. After the release of the first film in this genre, the format began to enjoy great popularity, acquiring details and replicating other production studios.


The main character Maho-shoujo is a girl with supernatural powers, which she uses to fight against evil forces. The heroine, for various reasons, must hide her abilities from others, which leads her to the need to lead a double life.


The early anime has its own special atmosphere of magic, "seeking truth and justice", enchanted houses and magical talking beasts. And it's always a story about the formation of character, about growing up, first friendship and first love.



Ph: Natasha Yankelevich 
Md: Ksenia Treyster 
Style: Nastya Skudar 
Muah: Anastasia Vinogradova
Florists: Olga Bam, Inna Lomteva
Clothes: Nesty Odina, LES’ by Lesia Paramonova, Tali Rutman, ST by Sonya Tikhonova 
Accessories: Hardy wolf 
Pp: Sergey Shmakov 
Special thanks for location: Alexandra Kurbatova




Fine Art Photo Awards: Fashion, 1ST PLACE WINNER