Grimorium Verum

One spring, at the hour of an unusually hot sunset, the Hostess finally found a way to lead her friends into our world through a complex system of mirrors. The guests have one night, while the mirrored corridor is open and time has no power over them. The hostess throws a ball.



Ph: Natasha Yankelevich 
Md: Alyona Mikhailova
Style: Elena Tash 
Style Assist: Nastya Skudar 

Assist: Inna Kovorotnaya 

Muah: Tatyana Osipova, Glasha, Oksana

Models in Masks: Arina, Dayzi, Tolya, Darya, Vitya
Masks: Elena Tash, Nastya Skudar

Florists: Olya Bam, Anna, Nina Kvashnina

Farm: Friday Flowers Farm

Clothes: Dashali, Vian, Tali Rutman

Jewelry: Ulia Hashem, Mineral Weather

Location: Усадьба Морозовых (Дом народов России) @kuku96

Pp: Sergey Shmakov 



— Rebel · Print · Print | November 2022 | Issue AW
Artells · Print · FASHION / October Issue