The January days of Svyatki (Russian Christmastide) "from the star to the water" are a turning point, the border period. At this time The Sun turns from winter to summer; the day shifts from darkness to light, chaos is replaced by divine orderliness. The notions of the arrival of the souls of the dead and the rampage of evil forces are bound up with the "borderness" of the period. It was believed that the invisible presence of spirits provides an opportunity to look into the future than the girls enjoyed with pleasure.


The series is inspired by the theme of Svyatki divination and vivid metaphors that were used in the Slavic rites. The Lubok colors, a sense of humor, the ancient Russian melancholy, the atmosphere of a fairy tale and the multinational composition - perhaps this is what led Russian culture to what it is now.



Ph: Natasha Yankelevich 

Md: Caroline Madison, Emilie Bosquet, Nadezhda Khoronskaya 

Mua: Natalia Chernusskaya 
Hair: Liliya Filipava 

Style: Elena Tash & Ann Isma 

Clothes: Masha Andrianovа , fy:r

Headdress: Johann Nikadimus 
Video: Valeria Pershina 

Retouch: Sergey Shmakov