When you have insomnia, thoughts are going around in a circle again and again. The world consists of the inevitability of the coming morning, getting up from the bed, daily duties. Out of the stuffy air, the restless emptiness that dissolved the dream, from the noise of cars and the open window.. Of the sofa in the room, that you can not call home. Insomnia makes us remember the difference between who we are and who we would like to be. And if it has come, then the mind and heart require changes.



Ph: Natasha Yankelevich 

Md: Sofya Gershevich from Streetsagency

Mua: Nadia Agriiants 

Style: Elena Tash & Ann Isma 

Clothes: fy:r 
Render: Eduard Lefler 

Retouch: Sergey Shmakov 


Shuba Magazine #5 vol. 2