Every year, stereotypes are fewer - people are traveling more and find out more about neighboring countries and their inhabitants. Nevertheless, some stereotypes are not negative conclusions, but reference points for the study of a foreign culture, its technologies and worldviews. We have collected some of the most beloved: Tsarist Russia, space and the Russian intelligentsia, and tried them on the one who least fits the stereotypes - Russian artist Andrei Bartenev.



Ph: Natasha Yankelevich 

Md: Andrey Bartenev 

Style: Elena Tash & Ann Isma 

Clothes: ROMA UVAROV DESIGN, Nob agency
Accessories: Elena Tash, Vintazhnie Sokrovisha, Ulia Hashem 
Tattoos: 2.s.k.i.n 
Retouch: Sergey Shmakov