A place for dreamers can be founded always and everywhere. They spend a sunny morning in the bed with a book, drink peppermint tea in the shade of open verandas, keep diaries with drawings and herbaria and dream to spend the summer in Iceland. Wherever they go, they are followed by the comfort and smell of lemon soap. Such kind of girls look appropriately both in a trendy city cafe and in a wooden house in the middle of a dense forest.


Photo: Natasha Yankelevich 
Models: Elena Tash, Olga Dryzhina 
Mua: Kate Korovashko
Style: Ann Isma & Elena Tash
Clothes: Maito, Shafran 
Accessories: from London Bag 
Retouch: Sergey Smakov 


7Hues Magazine Issue 20 - Bold Issue - Vol.2


Лучший фотограф сентября 2017 в категории Фешн & Гламур 35awards