Serie was inspired by the idea of ​​a set of dresses from the fairytale by Charles Perrault "Donkeyskin". According to the plot, the princess wanted to avoid unwanted marriage and decided impossible tasks to the groom, namely, to make a dress of the color of the sun, the moon and the starry sky. The groom fulfilled these tasks and the princess had to flee. She settled herself as an assistant to a village peasant, and one night after a day's work the princess decided to please herself and tried on all her dresses. Is is this contrast between the simplicity of the shack and dresses from the best fairy-tale designers that served as inspiration for the realization of this shooting.


Ph: Natasha Yankelevich 

Md: Olga Moskvina
Mua: Natasha Russak 

Designer: Irin Gonchar 
Florist: Glorioza Studio 
Retouch: Sergey Shmakov 


7Hues Mode N’30 v.3