Look, I'm not
an intellectual – I just take pictures


Artist Statement

Photography is usually considered as a way to convey reality but staged photography tells us a different truth. It is the courage to find your point of view on familiar things and to create worlds that momentarily flash with inner magic and tell us their stories.


Photography is a bit like cooking: you take ingredients and mix them - color, characters, props, surroundings - and you get a new world with inner strength and secret life.


For me, this is an opportunity to combine reality and fantasy, to let them be embodied in something new. The shooting process, inspiration from models, generation of ideas - all this gives me the feeling of an endless carnival where everything is possible and there is a place for the strangest days and unexpected decisions.



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2018-2019 - British School of Art & Design
2005-2011 - University of Tourism & Service, Graphic Design






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​2020 IPA Advertising 1st Place
2020 Prix de la Photographie bronze
2020 Creative Siena Awards commended
2018 35AWARDS 3 place
2019 International Color Awards winner
2018 35AWARDS 2 place
2018 Chromatic Photography Awards

2018 ND awards winner


2017 Cherno-Beloe Zdes
Zdes na Taganke Gallery, Russia

2018 Cvetnoe Zdes
Zdes na Taganke Gallery, Russia
2019 Normalny Kokoshnik,
Revolt Center, Russia